Historical Sites

    1. City Hall
    2. Hoover Public Library
    3. Aldridge House and Gardens
    4. Patton Chapel Church, well and Cemetery
    5. Tyler Road
    6. Hoover-Randle House
    7. Shades Crest Road Historical District
    8. Lover’s Leap
    9. Park Avenue Historical District
    10. Historic Bluff Park School
    11. HHS Folklore Center – Cloudland Drive
    12. Hale-Joseph House
    13. Overseers’ House
    14. Moss Rock Preserve
    15. Metropolitan Stadium
    16. Riverchase Galleria
    17. Crawford Fire Tower Cab
    18. A History of Monte D’Oro
    19. Ross Bridge Historical Park
    20. Brock’s (Railroad) Gap
    21. Action Mines
    22. Founding of Hoover (Employer’s Insurance, Green Valley Drugs)

Patton Community Well Original Built in 1872

In 1858 James Taylor Ross, a Scotchman, acquired land near Oxmoor Valley. He provided land for the construction of the railway which was the gateway for the area’s iron/steel and coal industry, including a bridge spanning Ross Creek.

Aldridge Gardens is a 30-acre woodland garden featuring hydrangeas, and former home of Eddie Aldridge who discovered and patented the Snowflake Hydrangea.

Moss Rock Preserve is a beautiful 349-acre nature preserve with a boulder field used by native tribes as shelter during hunts. Lover’s Leap has Creek Indian lore and has been a place since the 1820’s for carving names, and even Byron poems, in the rocks.