Awards and Scholarships

Jack Crouch Volunteer Award

Each year, the Society honors someone who has contributed significantly to the organization. This deserving member is recognized for outstanding service and dedication during the club year. The award honors the late Jack Crouch, founding member of the HHS and developer of The Folklore Center.

For the last several years, a trend has emerged—contributions to the Society often involves two people working together for the benefit of the group. Such is the case with our 2021-22 winners, Mark and Becky Swindall.Mark and Becky are docents at the Folklore Center. Mark produced, directed, and edited a short film introducing the Folklore Center and its docents; Becky hosted the most successful Open House ever at the Hale-Joseph Home featuring the Jazz Band from Hoover High under the direction of Sallie V. White. The video is on the Folklore Center page of the website.


  • 1994 Vadie Honea
  • 1995 Aline Anderson
  • 1996 Charles Shelby
  • 1997 Barbara Lyons
  • 1998 Peggy Sturdivant
  • 1999 Betty Norton
  • 2000 Inez Mc Collum
  • 2001 Beth Kinsaul
  • 2002 Joy Elliott
  • 2003 Betty Bagby
  • 2004 Charlotte Williams
  • 2005 Doug Harkness
  • 2006 Faye Walker
  • 2007 Marie Taylor
  • 2008 Charlotte Patton
  • 2009 Jean Butterworth
  • 2010 Charlotte and Tom Laggy
  • 2011 Joan Davis
  • 2012 Delores Wilkinson
  • 2013 Jim Lyons
  • 2014 Carolyn Kolar
  • 2015 Pam Thompson
  • 2016 Debbie Burtnett
  • 2017 Carlo and Dianne Joseph
  • 2018 Doug Harkness
  • 2019 Arnold Singer
  • 2020 Jimmy Langley


The Hoover Historical Society administers a scholarship program offering a one-time $1,000 educational grant to a graduating senior at each of the public high schools in Hoover. In addition, a grant is offered to a deserving graduate from the Career & Technical Education field that chooses full-time employment or continued training at a technical school. Hoover City Schools deserves significant credit for offering a variety of academies to its students—either college-bound or career ready.

Grant sponsors provide funding from the community. Currently the sponsors are Carlo & Dianne Joseph and Signature Homes. The Josephs honor a student at Hoover High School and Signature Homes provides the Spain Park HS academic and the Skilled Trades scholarships. The grant is sent directly to an accredited college or university or technical school/ or providing professional quality tools for the skilled trades graduate.

Each year, the application is updated for this Website.

Criteria for selection:

  • Academic performance;
  • Community service; e.g., involvement in organizations & activities;
  • A typed, double-spaced 1,000 word essay using topics provided in the ‘prompts’ listed on the application;
  • Essay uses a title/topic, good grammar and spelling, and a citation of sources—preferably at least three (books, personal experience, one Internet.)
  • Application is submitted to the student’s Guidance Counselor by the third Friday in March. The HHS Scholarship Committee meets in April to select a deserving recipient. Winners and counselors are then notified.

For more information, e-mail

Download the Scholarship Application here.

2020 Winners

Evan Neiters, Technical scholarship, electrician

Tegan Gibbons, Spain Park HS, attending University of Alabama

Ricari Thomas, Hoover HS, attending University of Montevallo

Previous Winners

  • 2018: Grace M. Waters, Hoover High School
  • 2018: Grady W. Freeman, Spain Park High School
  • 2017: Emily E. Wise and Lindsey D. Glick
  • 2016: Holly Taylor Dunbar & Cassidy Johnson
  • 2015: Kevin Wu, Hoover High & Lauren McCabe, Spain Park
  • 2014: Spain Park’s Jackson S. Cotney & Hoover High’s Lizbeth A. Juares Espinosa
  • 2013: Madison Luther, Spain Park & Cailyn Flynn, Hoover High
  • 2012: Gabrielle Agnew, Hoover High & Adriana Galindo, Spain Park
  • 2011: Jordan David, Spain Park & Emily Elizabeth Graves, Hoover High