Vadie Honea Scholarship Award

Vadie Honea

The Hoover Historical Society offers an educational scholarship paid to an accredited two-or four-year college or university for tuition or other expenses. This onetime scholarship furthers our mission of promoting an increased awareness and knowledge of history.

This collegiate scholarship is awarded to a deserving student at each of the two public high schools in Hoover, AL—Hoover High School and Spain Park High School

Letter describing the scholarship and application is sent to the College Guidance Counselors and Social Studies departments of both HHS and SPHS.

The manner of selection involves screening by the Social Studies departments at each school, submitted to the guidance counselors, and forwarded to the Hoover Historical Society Scholarship Committee. This committee selects the finalist for each school.

Criteria for Selection

  • Academic performance;
  • community service; e.g., involvement in organizations & activities;
  • and a typed, double-spaced 1,000-word essay using topics ‘prompts’ on the application.
  • The essay should include a title or topic; good grammar and spelling; and a citation of sources.

Application must be submitted to the student’s Counselor by the third Friday in March.  The HHS Scholarship Commmittee meets in April to select a recipient of the Vadie Honea Scholarship Award.

Winners and counselors are then notified.

Download the Scholarship Application here.


2018 Winners

Grace M. Waters of Hoover High School and Grady W. Freeman from Spain Park HS

Scholarship Committee is composed of:  Debbie Burtnett, Dr. Charles Hickman, Pam Thompson

The scholarships are sponsored by two benefactors:  Carlo and Dianne Joseph for Hoover High School and Mr. & Mrs. Henry King and his National Christian Foundation Alabama.

Grace M. Waters, Hoover High School

Grady W. Freeman, Spain Park High School

Previous Winners

  • 2017: Emily E. Wise and Lindsey D. Glick
  • 2016: Holly Taylor Dunbar & Cassidy Johnson
  • 2015: Kevin Wu, Hoover High & Lauren McCabe, Spain Park
  • 2014: Spain Park’s Jackson S. Cotney & Hoover High’s Lizbeth A. Juares Espinosa
  • 2013: Madison Luther, Spain Park & Cailyn Flynn, Hoover High
  • 2012: Gabrielle Agnew, Hoover High & Adriana Galindo, Spain Park
  • 2011: Jordan David, Spain Park & Emily Elizabeth Graves, Hoover High