Clubs & Organizations

Abstracts of Hoover Clubs and Organizations

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Main Entry/Title Accession Register #
Hoover Chamber of Commerce – Founder & List of Presidents 24-89-24
Russet Woods Night Bloomers Garden Club, history 50-90-6
Riverchase Women’s Club, history 51-90-7
Patton Chapel Civic Club, history & park property gift to City of Hoover 53-90-9
Hoover Lions club, history and charter roster 55-90-11
Hoover Art Asso., 10th anniversary news clip from Sun paper 62-90-18
Crescendo Literary Club, history 68-90-24
Hoover Study Club, history 72-90-28
Hoover New Horizons, history, by-laws, programs, 89/90 roll 73-90-29
Shades Crest Literary Club, history 77-90-33
Country Club Highlands Garden Club, history 78-90-34
Woodmeadow Garden Club, history 79-90-35
Birchtree Garden Club, history 80-90-36
Hoover Riverchase Rotary Club, history 81-90-37
Shades Mountain Optimist Club, history 82-90-38
Linger Longer Lodge, news clippings 98-90-54
Boy Scout Troop 21, Bluff Park-Hoover, Valley Sun & B’ham News news clips 101-90-58
Shadeswood Garden Club 119-90-76
Hoover Masonic Lodge 644 121-90-78
Martinwood Garden Club 138-90-95
Green Valley Country Club, constitution, by-laws, charter 139-90-96
Green Valley Country Club, news clip w/pic Bd. Of Governors, 12/4/58 150-90-106 (filed 139-90-96)
Shades Crest Garden Club, history 157-90-112
Chamber of Commerce Directory, 1979 160-90-115 (filed AR-24)
A History of Green Valley Country Club 164-90-119 (filed AR-139)
Hoover Service Club, history 190-90-146
Bluff Park Masonic Lodge 210-91-17
Linger Longer Festival 216-91-23
Hoover Historical Society, watermelon cutting news clip 1990, yearbooks 1989-90 233-91-40
Camelot Woods Garden Club 260-91-67
Starlake Garden Club 264-91-71
Chace Lake Country Club 267-91-74
Girl Scout in the Mountain South Service Area, history 271-91-78
Dogwood Garden Club 276-91-83
Monte d’Oro Women’s Club (formerly Mont de Fleurs Garden Club, Monte de Fleur), yearbooks 277-91-84
The William and Mary Garden Club 278-91-85
Deo Dara Garden Club 279-91-86
The Good Earth Garden Club 280-91-87
Cahaba Valley Sertoma Club brochures, history, Vadie Honea’s talk 1180-02-5
Friends of Hoover, profile, history, 1992-2001 1183-02-8
Birchtree Garden Club, history, 1971-73 1184-02-9
Greystone Garden Club, clips, membership 1999-2000 1221-02-46
Kenwood Garden Club, members 1228-02-52
Crest Garden Club 1233-01-01
Aldrich Gardens 1238-06-03
Rock’n Dale Garden Club 1274-05-02
The Friends’ Library Leaves 1304-06-24
Hoover Historical Society 1566-12-8