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A Tribute to Marie Taylor

Published Wednesday, November 1, 2017 2:00 am

After twenty years of maintaining the contents of the Stinson Ole Place log cabin, Marie Taylor has announced her retirement from the position of caretaker, all-round cleaner and keeper of the cabin.

She first retired from a distinguished career as an educator, and then enjoyed working in the log cabin with the Historical Society while doing historical research. As the owner of the historic Overseer's House, she researched it, and even maintains a general store in her home. She has hosted the Historical Society Membership Tea on many occasions. Marie helped with researching Bluff Park's history, including the history of Bluff Park School for its 70th anniversary in 1993.

Every year, Marie performs a thorough cleaning in the Fall and Spring prior to student field trips—including washing all the windows inside and out, dusting everything, sweeping floors and laundering antique linens as needed. After field trips, she sweeps up to be sure there are no crumbs to attract critters. She has battled rats, raccoons and flying squirrels on occasion.

When a gun was brought in to display, she objected to its presence. It remained on display for years, but she filled the barrel with something so it could not be fired. And, if anything breaks, Marie finds a way to fix it. The HHS expresses its appreciation for her many years of dedicated service behind the scenes, and wishes her many more days of pursuing other interests.

Pam Thompson

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