Written Contributions

Abstracts of Hoover’s written history

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Main Entry/Title Accession Register #
History of City of Hoover, Early history by Eloise Martens 8-89-8
“Let’s Call It Bluff Park” by R.W. Gilbert autographed as gift to Luther Tyler 18-89-18
“Early Memories of Bluff Park” & Legend of “Lovers Leap Rock” by Mrs. A. Susan Hale Copeland 85-90-41 (see AR 84 and 95)
Bluff Park history – “This is Just a Nostalgic Reminiscence” by Mable Moore 99-90-56
Bluff Park tour of sites with map for Founders’ week for school, 4/88 106-90-63
Hoover History, beginning 1828 118-90-75
Hoover Early History “Refuge” – Post Office 122-90-79
Patton Chapel Road and Creek, history and speculations 130-90-87
Sketches of Alabama, Jones Valley, Shades Mt. from book by Mary Gordon 141-90-98
B’ham & Jefferson Co. Contents: Hale’s Springs by Robert Barnwell Henckell 145-90-102
Patton Chapel History by C.D. Bailey 203-91-10(see Bailey AR 259)
“Prehistoric Indians” by Steven Meridith 208-91-15
“Mudtown” by Sean Flynt 240-91-47
“History of Rocky Ridge” by W. Mark Tew 245-91-52
“Shades Valley” by Lou Harper, Shades Valley Sun clipping 247-91-54
Recollections & Family Legend – Bluff Park, Patton’s Chapel & Sur. Areas 261-91-68 (See Jackson AR 254-91-61)
Growing Up in Alabama by Mary Helen Cunningham Bell with genealogy of Edward Henry Chapman Cunningham 251-91-58
Indian Valley History – Subdivisions of Indian Valley, Indian Valley Lake Estates, 10/90 (Valdawood & Southlake) 262-91-69
For the City of Hoover with Congratulations and Appreciation, personal memoir 284-91-91
Talk by Aline Anderson on Hoover’s early history 325-93-11
Mattie Maude Hale, letters – Wm. Marion Tyler, et al 347-94-1
Ed Cranford, early childhood in Hoover – 1948, incl. maps and tapes 381-95-12
Lois Dison, includes genealogy and history 1226-02-51
Mable Moore Flynn, general history of Jefferson County 1227-02-52
Greystone Country Club property 1233-02-57
Stinson, Myra Vickery, memories 1241-03-09