Abstracts of Hoover’s Education history

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Main Entry / Title Accession Register #
Pictures of Summit School students, with names 14-89-14
History of Summit School, 1899-1923 (See AR-14) 17-89-17
Loaned original oil painting of Bluff Park School 33-89-33
Bluff Park School History, by Maureen Eide 45-90-1
Bluff Park School Year Book, 1961-62; student directory 1989-90 46-90-1
Rocky Ridge School history 69-90-25
Hoover Schools Highlights, brochure 93-90-49
Fresh Air Farm complete history with pictures 100-90-57
Green Valley Elem. School, 3/19/75, news clip “Three Doz. Children & Parents Visit Wash., DC” 132-90-89
Gwinn, Harriette W. on Chapel Rd, 1/21/76 135-90-92
Rocky Ridge Elem. School celebrated 103 birthday, w/Dr. Lindy Martin on history 136-90-93 (filed 69-90-25)
Berry history 183-90-138
Hoover School System, clippings 184-90-139 (filed AR-93)
Bluff Park School, 1946 clipping on Jr. Garden Club; 1924 clipping on bldg plans 186-90-141 (filed AR-45/46)
Indian Springs School motivation program, 1969 news clip 228-91-35
“The Schools” activities column, Berry High, Green Valley, 1968 clipping 229-91-36
Bluff Park School Ground Improvement, 1969 clipping 230-91-37 (see AR-186; filed AR-45/46)
Berry High School Conference, 1969 clipping 231-91-38 (filed AR 183-90-138)
History of Green Valley School 252-91-59
Shades Mountain Elementary, history dated 1990 263-91-70
Simmons Middle Schools, program for new addition, publications 274-91-81
Hoover School Highlights, 1988-96 1176-02-1
Hoover Community School Newsletter, 1990, 1994-96, 2001 1181-02-6
Trace Crossing School, directory 1235-03-03
Hoover Christian School 1280-05-08
Rocky Ridge Elem. School, Old Rocky Ridge Rd. 1289-06-09
Bluff Park Elem. School, Hoover Community Education, Park Ave. 1290-06-10