Abstracts of historical Interviews about Hoover

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Main Entry/Title Accession Register #
Oral Interviewing per UAB Procedure 25-89-25
Tape interview of Susan Hale Kelly 43-89-43
Interview – Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Howard, Jr. 49-90-5
Interview – Don Watts, 10/10/89 56-90-12
Harrison, Jack, City Atty. on incorporation 61-90-17
Stokes, Hugh Jr.; Liza Brunson; Winnie Harris on Hugh Stokes family 83-90-39 (See AR-103)
Mac Stewart, memories of early Hoover, Acton Mines and dairy 111-90-68
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Johnson 116-90-73
Don Logan, Pres, Southern Progress Co., memories of living in Hoover, 1970 146-90-103
Mark Acton, Jr., 2600 Lakeland Tr. On Acton family, incl. pictures 156-90-111
Miss Lucille Watkins (89), 2424 Altadena Rd, on her father Edwin C. Watkins, Rocky Ridge Sch. 158-90-113
Sam Nelson on early Bluff Park 165-90-120
Mrs. Margaret Chase 167-90-122
Mrs. Emma Watkins 168-90-123
John Hodnett, former mayor 169-90-124
Krawcheck’s log cabin, clipping 173-90-128 (See AR 193-90-149)
Stewart, David L., 4384 Hwy 31, Calera; former owner Friendly Tavern 185-90-140
Luther Tyler 206-91-13
Mike Wood, Martinwood Estates 212-91-19
Perry Thomas Vernon 242-91-49
Mary and Lucille Watkins 243-91-50 (filed AR-158-90-113)
Interview with Dr. John T. McCarley 257-91-64
Gene Gordon, early history, Tyler Road & Patton Chapel 270-91-77
John M. Bradley, CEO, Resource Management, on genesis of Inverness dev. Of N. Shelby Co. 272-91-79
Joseph, Mitchell, Joseph Dev. Co., property dev. At 1560 Mtgy. Hwy; Central Bank 273-91-80
Frank Skinner, Jr., on his years as mayor 281-91-88
Mrs. Lila Mae Patton Williams on O’Brien’s store & All States Motel; incl. Patton Home pic 282-91-89
Oscar Davis, first police chief on beginnings of Hoover Police Dept. 285-91-92
Montgomery Truss, tour of Brock’s Gap area 287-91-94
Frank L. Sears, Jr. 292-91-99
Minnie Everett Russell (Mrs. Lester Carl Everett) 297-92-2
Torrencie Robinson Bailey, incl. 7/5/91 telephone interview 298-92-3
Conversation with Forrest Seale, Jr. on Shades Mtn Plaza, early Hoover houses 302-92-7
Mrs. Fred Skelton, Jr., South Haven Nursing Homes 303-92-8
Marguerite McLendon by niece 1231-02-55