Family Genealogies

Abstracts of Family Genealogies

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Main Entry/Title Accession Register #
Acton, Aaron Crawford 65-90-21
Acton, Charles Henry 21-89-21
Anderson, Walter Lassiter 329-93-15
Armour, Edna – Creel and Whitehead, Manning and Golden 348-94-2
Bailey, John S. and Della Taff 259-91-66
Bell, Mary Helen Cunningham 251-91-58
Bradley, Tom, Fire Chief 289-91-96
Caldwell, Alexander  – Acton, Bailey, Massey, Glenn, Rutherford 323-93-9
Chestnut, Aline Anderson – Chestnut lineage 323-93-9
Craiger, Henry and Mary Watson 176-90-131
Gorman, Ethel Miller – Jungell, Sjoberg, Andersdotter, McEachen 345-93-31
Hale Family History as recalled by Mrs. Susan Hale Copeland (see AR 84 for genealogy file & pics) 95-90-51
Hale, Gardner Family genealogy 84-90-40
Hale, Gardner genealogy and photograph 95-90-51
Hale Family – Mayflower ancestry 1216-02-41
Hale, Gardner ancestry by Gregory Evan Thompson – Mayflower 371-95-2
Honea, Vadie Fleming – Families: Blanchard, Huguenot ancestor  Benjamin Will Blanchard 318-93-4
Honea, Hiram James – Families:  Holcombe, Sperin, Bagwell, Green, Faucet, Brooks 319-93-5
Hoover, W. H. family 39-89-39
Hoover, William Henry history of family by Jane Hoover Parrish 148-90-104
Howard, Walter, Jr. scrapbook from the 1950s 48-90-4
Jackson, John Ephriam 254-91-61
Keel, Leona – Families: Davis, Singleton, Daniel, Silvers 349-94-3
Kinsaul, Elizabeth, Helen Pollard 1223-02-48
Lewis, Francis Etheredge – Families:  Curtis, Knight, Moore, Hicks, Taylor, Chaney, Bright, Jones 328-93-14
Littletop & Riggins families – the Riggins Register 310-92-15
McCollum, Mack Dwayne and Reba Inez – Families:  Hamrick, Greer, Perry, Fosher, Redding, Tinnel, Roberts 343-93-29
Morgan – Hale – See also Hale files, Mayflower descendants, John Howland 311-92-16
Nesmith, Betty Jones 316-93-2
Nesmith, Betty Jones 254-91-61
Nesmith, William Douglas – Families:  Roberts, Wilson, Humphries, Widner/Widener 317-93-3
Nichols, James Edward – Families:  McFarland, Kirkland, Lovelady, Barnes 321-93-7
Norton, Betty Hawkins – Families:  Lewis, Reynolds, Palmer, Kiphart 320-93-6
Pattons of Patton Chapel by Eloise Martens 9-89-9
Stewart & Watterson families 266-91-73
Stinson family 1270-04-25
Stokes, Hugh Gregorie family 314-92-19
Taff, Everett E. – genealogy and early days in Hoover 290-91-97
Taff family 1185-02-10
Taff, Michael  – family and property research w/pictures 1243-03-11
Truss, Montgomery, also the Making of a City, Trussville, AL and History of Springville, AL 1969 344-93-30
Tucker, Steven Thomas and wife, Linda Lee Walls 327-93-13
Tyler, Dr. William Henry – Families:  Milner, Hagins, Jones, Hale, Pugh 342-93-28
Tyler, Claude Oliver and Sadie Mae Griffin Tyler 11-89-11
Tyler, William Marion – genealogy chart, written history and clipping 96-90-52
Veazey, Ruby Orez Veazey Nichols – Families: Grimes, Ballentine, Gillian, Thomas, Melton, Hunt, Murphy 322-93-8
Walston, Jean Walston Wright – Families:  Walston, Banks, Henderson, Halsey 315-93-1