City Government

Abstracts of Hoover City Government

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Main Entry / Title Accession Register #
Newspaper Clippings Re:  Hoover City Hall Complex 20-89-20
Invitation to Dedication Ceremonies, Hoover Municipal Complex 20-89-20 (see AR 2)
Hoover Volunteer Fire Dept. Constitution, By-Laws, Minutes from 1963-1968 122-89-22
Hoover Fire Depart. History of Equipment with pictures 1962-1988 (pics from Lt. Jim Phillips) 32-89-32
Don Watts’ scrapbook of his term as Mayor (stored on shelf) 42-89-42
Hoover Public Library, Early History by Aline Anderson, Carolyn Wailer, etc. (news articles) 64-90-20
10th Anniversary of City of Hoover Edition in Shades Valley Sun, various; also 20th Anniv. 67-90-23
City of Hoover Zoning Map, zoning districts, B’ham News 8/89 76-90-32
Braddock, O.E., Mayor’s list of citizens to be called for his campaign 115-90-72
Bluff Park (Shades Mt.) Petition to Inc., never materialized, newspaper clipping 123-90-80
Hoover Incorporation paper; also list of residents who lived in the town 124-90-81
Braddock quoted in Hoover Sun: Annexing Bluff Park to services (Fire Dept.) 127-90-84 (filed AR-115)
Hoover Beautification Board; legal document for creating board; Dogwood Festivals 128-90-85
Hoover Annexation Shades Mt. Plaza Shopping Center & Rocky Ridge areas, 1/21/76 134-90-91
Notice Posted for First Election of Municipal Officers, 8/22/67 140-90-97 (filed AR 124)
Hoover Town Council records, Summary of Council Meetings, 9/11/67-9/90 155-90-110
Fire Dept, 4 pictures, newspaper clippings, architectural dwg. fire station #2 162-90-117 (filed AR 32-89-32)
Bluff Park Fire District, May 1983 minutes 191-90-147
Bluff Park Fire, Police, Rescue Squad; 2 news articles –1/5/64 and 10/66 192-90-148
Taxes, clipping 1/11/68 Shades Valley Sun 217-91-24
Hoover Opens Library Fund, clipping, 1971 227-91-34 (filed AR 64-90-20)
Parks and Recreation Department 238-91-45
Boundaries to 280, newspaper clipping – Annexation 241-91-48
Mayor Frank Skinner Jr., 1980 244-91-51
Hoover Police Department (See also Interviews 285-91-92) 246-91-53 (filed AR 250-91-57)
City Council action in meeting, news clipping 248-91-55
Hoover Police Department, pictures and clippings (See also AR-285-91-92) 250-91-57
Zoning – Chapel Hill; Cynthia C. Hauer’s speech on zoning, 3/21/77, Hoover City Council mtg 304-92-9
Silver Anniversary, Tour of City of Hoover, Over the Mountain Journal, brochures, etc. 305-92-10
Green Valley Residents’ Incorporation 312-92-17
Zoning – Cross Creek Apts 353-94-7 (filed AR 76-90-32)
Hoover Belles, pic and article 5/93 “50 Introduced” 355-94-9
Mayor Tony Petelos 1305-06-25