Abstracts of churches in Hoover

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Main Entry/Title Accession Register #
History – Green Valley Baptist Church 16-89-16
History of origin of Chapel in the Pines 36-89-36
Acton Memorial, Altadena Valley Prsby, Cumberland Prsby, New Hope – history 66-90-22
Hunter Street Baptist Church History, 1894-1971 71-90-27
Valley United Methodist Church (formerly Patton Chapel) history; picture 74-90-30
Valley United Methodist Church Cemetery inventory 75-90-31
Patton Chapel Meth. Ch., Valley United Meth. Ch. list of ministers 94-90-50 (filed AR-74-90-30 & 75-90-31)
Shades Crest Baptist Church history 97-90-53
Cahaba Heights United Meth. Church, 1879-1979 112-90-69
Valley United Methodist Church, pic of third church 117-90-74 (filed AR-74/75)
Chapel in the Pines Prsby Church history, by A.Susie Hale Copeland 143-90-100 (filed AR-36-90-36)
Bluff Park United Meth Church history, incl. pics original and current buildings 149-90-105
Riverchase United Methodist Church – A History 166-90-121
Rocky Ridge Cumberland Presbyterian Church history, including pictures 187-90-142
Lakeside Baptist Church 197-91-4
Riverchase Presbyterian Church 198-91-5
Prince of Peace Catholic Church 199-91-6
Liberty Church, founded as Liberty Bible Church 200-91-7
Oakmont Presbyterian Church 201-91-8
First Baptist Church of Hoover, founded as Patton Chapel Church 202-91-9
St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church, Dedication 1981 211-91-18
History of Bluff Park Baptist Church, 1938-1990 215-91-22
Shades Mountain Independent Church 220-91-27
First Seventh Day Adventist Church 221-91-28
Christ the King Lutheran Church 222-91-29
History of Mountain Chapel United Methodist Church 223-91-30
Bluff Park Cemetery history 224-91-31(see AR-70; filed AR-70-90-26)
A Short History of Shades Mountain Church of Christ (as of 2/91) 253-91-60
St. Alban’s Episcopal Church, Bluff Park 265-91-72
The Hoover Church of Christ History, 3248 Lorna Rd. 268-91-75
Riverchase South Church, 2053 Old Montgomery Hwy, B’ham 35244 269-91-76
Bahai; booklets, etc. (the Bahai Faith) 288-91-95
Mars Hill Baptist Church, history, 1908 Alabama Baptist churches survey 291-91-98
Berney Points Baptist Church, 2250 Blue Ridge Blvd. 1272-04-28