Monte D'Oro 50th Anniversary - 2014

Monte D’Oro neighborhood predates Hoover’s incorporation

In July 1964, before the City of Hoover was incorporated, developer William M. “Bill” Humphries began work on a new neighborhood of homes around Wisteria Drive. He hired Cordray Parker to design the homes. Bill and Cordray had both graduated from the School of Architecture at Auburn. They wanted no two homes to be alike and placed them on  tree-lined streets.

Cordray had also studied in Italy and other countries in Europe and was inspired to name the new neighborhood Monte D’Oro. Cordray went on to become a noted sculptor and many of his works are displayed at several local venues. 158 homes were built along six streets. Viva Chumbler was signed as the exclusive agent for sale of the homes.

Early on, many young professionals from UAB brought their families to live in Monte D’Oro. The homes were spacious, reasonably priced and convenient. The size and layout of the neighborhood contributed to a close-knit community. In 1971 the Monte D’Fleurs Garden Club was organized. Soon a second club called the Monte D’Oro Planters was established and met at night. Both were members of the Federated Garden Clubs. Eventually the two merged and became the Monte D’Oro Neighborhood Association. The neighbors believe the Monte D’Oro Neighborhood Association is the oldest continuously meeting neighborhood group in Hoover.

In July the neighborhood will celebrate its 50th Anniversary. The Hoover Historical Society has met with the neighborhood since last summer to discuss recognizing the milestone with a historical marker.

The neighborhood will also host the Hoover Historical Society Membership Tea at the home of Eileen and Mickey Lewis in Monte D’Oro on April 27th. More details will follow about the tea as well as dedication of the historical marker. The neighborhood has also put up street banners commemorating the anniversary. It will also celebrate at a July event at Aldridge Gardens.

Older neighborhoods have many advantages and should be encouraged to come together to preserve their heritage.