Sounds like Barney Fife

August 7, 2018 hgreen Blog

It wasn’t the Brinks Robbery, but in the early days of our fair city, an unusual theft was pulled off by a robber in broad daylight. The following tale was recounted to me by Jane Hoover Parrish, who has lived in the area for 49 years, even before Hoover was incorporated. We’re not sure of the date, but it seems that a small office building on the east side of Hwy. 31 (near the Old Patton Chapel Road entrance) was occupied by a bank and the Hoover Police Department. At that time, our Police Department consisted of two men, Chief of Police Davis and one police officer.

One day a fellow walked into the bank, held it up and took an unknown amount of money. After he ran out with the loot, the bank notified the Police Department. Chief Davis was out of the office that day, leaving the one lone officer to watch the city. The officer immediately took off, running after the thief. Chief Davis was summoned and hurried to his office. He found out that his lone officer had been seen chasing someone down the road. Alas, the officer was found by the Chief, tied to a tree. No robber was to be found! and we never did hear if the bank got its money back!

— Joan Davis