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HHS Saves the 20th Century

The 20th Century is our past, and it is important to save the things that relate to it.

Have you noticed how much telephones, for example, have changed through your lifetime? Well, children today are fascinated by, of all things a dial telephone! They try to punch in the numbers by sticking their fingers in the dial! The innovations of the 20th Century are so recent that we don’t think of them as part of history, but they are.

The Society has purchased a number of showcases in which we display the everyday items that relate to each decade of the 20th Century. The cabinets are displayed in the historic Bluff Park School hallway.  In these cabinets we place dishes, shoes, hats, a photograph, a telephone, 45 rpm records, and an AM radio – just the household things that would have been seen in Hoover or Bluff Park during a decade.

We have our library which preserves papers and books, and we have the Folklore Center which preserves things from the 1800’s. The Time Cabinets enables us to see artifacts for the decade.

Would you like to participate?

We will place a label showing you as the contributor of each item and provide a tax deductible receipt upon request. Bring the items to a meeting or to the Society office and include your name and the year the items were used.  Funds may be donated to help purchase items for the cabinets.

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