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A history of Hoover City Schools published

Published Wednesday, November 1, 2017 1:00 am
by HHS

A new book, The History of the Hoover City School System, was presented to Hoover’s Board of Education in early September. Author Dr. Charles E. Hickman made
the presentation.

Dr. Hickman, a member of the first Hoover Board of Education, researched and wrote the work as a member of the Hoover Historical Society. Nine appendices include many graphics detailing the school system’s growth—lists all superintendents, enrollment by years, taxes in both Jefferson and Shelby counties, and winners of the Finley Awards. The text is illustrated with pictures of major events as well as photos of key leaders.

The history of Hoover City Schools began years before the system was formed — with citizen committees that advocated a system for improving education for children in the new city.

The Hoover City Council unanimously approved the formation of the Hoover City School System (HCSS) in October 1987 and appointed the first Hoover Board of Education. The board appointed the first superintendent in January 1988. After negotiating leaving the Jefferson County system, the HCSS opened for students in August 1988.

Dr. Hickman interviewed many people involved in that early effort including council members William Billingsley and Faye Anderson and Mayor Frank Skinner—all of whom were critical to the formation of the school system. Other interviews were conducted with persons who made major contributions throughout the years. The purpose of these interviews was to obtain their perspective on the system.

Dr. Hickman stated, “My major goal was to present an objective view of the issues that arose over the years and their resolution. In the conclusion [of the history], I wrote that the Hoover City School System has providedand continues to provide excellent educational experiences for students.”

He added, “The previous boards of education and superintendents have brought us to the present. Now, it is your responsibility and opportunity to provide leadership to enhance the educational experience for our students.” After the meeting, Dr. Hickman signed copies for BOE members and guests.

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