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2017 Vadie Honea Scholarship Winners

Spain Park’s Lauren McCabe and Hoover High's Kevin Wu

Published Monday, August 28, 2017

Scholarships that honor the late Vadie Honea were awarded this past May in Honors Day ceremonies at Hoover High and Spain Park High Schools.


Above: Carlo Joseph congratulates Lindsey Glick; Emily Wise, Spain Park winner, exploring the Southwest.

Below: HHS members Pam Thompson and Betty Bagby, congratulated Carlo and Dianne for receiving the Jack Crouch Award! Pam and Betty served on the Scholarship Committee and Crouch Award Committee.

Pam Thompson, Betty Bagby, Carlo and Dianne Joseph

Sponsored by Henry King’s National Christian Foundation Alabama and Carlo and Dianne Joseph, patron members of the HHS, the scholarships were awarded on the basis of academic excellence, community service, and an essay, judged by a panel of HHS members. New ‘prompts’ were initiated this year honoring Alabama’s Bicentennial (2017-19.)

Spain Park’s winner was Emily E. Wise who wrote about Rickwood Field, the oldest ballpark in America. Lindsey D. Glick of Hoover High wrote about Sloss Furnace and its historic role in the growth of Birmingham. Emily Wise enrolled at Birmingham Southern while Lindsey started at Alabama this fall.

Carlo Joseph, a graduate of Berry High (now Hoover High), attended his first Awards Day, recalling certain school events and significant teachers that contributed to his business success.

After his address to the seniors, he made the award to Lindsey. Carlo and Dianne have supported both the historical society with their membership at the patronage level, and also the scholarship effort that helps the group fulfill its mission. Carlo and Dianne will continue their support of the HHS’s scholarship program.

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