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We're Moving!

Published Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Hoover Historical Society is packing its archives, anticipating that at some point in the next several months it will move the collection to a new home for the first time in 20 years. While the new home is not yet known, it is anticipated that it will be designed for our archives to grow, that it will have improved climate control to prevent deterioration of paper documents, and greater security so that our historical documents will be properly safeguarded.

The need to move from quarters at the Historic Bluff Park School came when the Hoover Board of Education determined that the building needed to be vacated because it did not meet government codes and standards, and that a number of aging systems would require substantial investment.

The Board’s decision quickened the pace of alreadyunderway HHS discussions that a move would be a good thing. Those discussions began well before the Board’s action. HHS Board members already had noted poor climate control, less than ideal security and the need for a space more suited for storage and maintenance of the HHS archive collection.

Discussions are ongoing related to a location for the archives new home and office. This discussion stage is providing time for the collection to be reviewed, cataloged and packed for moving.

Some items have been deemed no longer essential to the HHS mission and may be donated to other organizations. Before that, HHS members may come to the archives room, review those items not being retained and take any that they with to keep. They include old periodicals, publications not related to Hoover or the surrounding area and out-of-date materials.

City officials have said on several occasions that they will help with the move and with finding a new home for the HHS archives. It has been heartening to HHS that the city has been quite complimentary of HHS, its role in preserving Hoover’s history, and its importance as a city institution. Officers feel comfortable that they want to work with the group to enhance HHS activities and locate a new home for the archives. It is hoped that they may also provide logistical assistance with the move, and possibly, temporary storage of the archives if delayed in moving the collection to a new home.

The Society was not a part of Artists on the Bluff, other than to occupy space in the same building. They were our neighbors and we enjoyed sharing the building with them, and wish them well in their future endeavors. However, the move and wherever the new location turns out to be will not be connected with plans by the artists. We are a different organization, both in our mission and in our organizational structure.

This move of the archives does not affect HHS meetings or other HHS activities. Please rest assured in that fact. This is an exciting opportunity for the membership, not something to worry about. The HHS plans to continue to meet at Hoover Public Library with the same format and on the same schedule.

Ultimately, this move is requiring a increase in the workload of HHS volunteers, and in future HHS planning for the new home, this is a happy chance to grow the Society, to showcase to the community what HHS does, to enhance the archive collection—the official memory of our city’s history—and to better protect it, and to strengthen an already strong relationship with our city.

Please contact HHS office with any questions, comments, and especially to volunteer to help with the move. You may reach us via e-mail at info@hooverhistoricalsociety.org or by phone 205-822- 9392.

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